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Have you ever had a team of employees that seemed to work well as individuals, but when they were tasked with working together, projects weren’t completed effectively?  

Perhaps, there was a lot of conflict, miscommunication, unclear expectations, and/or negativity. These sorts of “people problems” are common and exist in many organizations today.  In addition to being excellent at providing their core products or services, companies must have the right people, in the right positions, collaborating well together in order to maximize their efforts.  


Unfortunately, this is a challenge that countless executives, business owners, and HR departments spend excessive amounts of time and money on.

The Millennial Performance Institute (a division of Fly High Coaching) recognizes the impact and importance of engaging employees among all generations to enhance company culture and productivity.  As an employee development firm, we focus on helping companies cut the costs of turnover and improve the performance of their employees!

We offer strategic services supporting organizations to attract, engage, and retain high caliber professionals.

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