Unlocking The Potential Of Millennials



Many companies find it difficult to receive great performance from their employees in the Millennial Generation, and as a result these young professionals are often labeled as lazy, self-centered, and disloyal.  Up until now, it has been easy to ignore millennial employees and focus on finding older, staff members from the Gen-X and Baby Boomer Generations.  Last year Millennials became the predominant group in the workforce, so the current options are to prepare for millennial employees or be left behind.

What if companies had the key to unlocking the potential of their Millennials?


Millennial Performance Institute

Our sessions explore the biggest challenges progressive companies face with their millennial employees.  Successful skills and strategies are discussed to see how they could be applied to reach a company’s specific goals.  Through implementation of these strategies, organizations tend to see increases in productivity, more effective communication across generations, and a decrease in employee turnover.


Previous Speaking Engagements

  • HITEC – Hospitality Financial and Technical Professionals
  • RealComm – Real Estate, Technology, Automation & Innovation
  • Choice Hotel Owners Investment Conference
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • BusCon – Busses, Technology, Solutions
  • MedTrade- Connecting the HME Industry
  • Academy for Professionalism in Health Care Conference
  • Government Fleet Expo
  • HFTP Annual Convention
  • CoreTech – Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Energy, Sustainability & Technology
  • Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS)


Available Presentations

Unlocking the Potential of Millennials

Dynamic Communication

Multi-Generations at Work

Making an Impact as a Millennial

Energy Leadership


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