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Multi-Generational Workforce

Our current, multi-generational workforce includes five, different generations! Even though each individual is unique, researchers have noticed commonalities among generations that are apparent on the job. Unfortunately, the vast differences in communication, mindset, and priorities can lead to unnecessary conflict and high employee turnover costs. We can help with multi-generational issues that arise! 

Where does your company stand on engagement?

Since Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, we use our Millennial Performance Index™ to assess an organization's current engagement and retention efforts of millennial employees.  The index is a way to take a quick audit of where your company is based on five key areas that we've determined are vital to predict the performance of Millennials.

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Millennial Performance Institute™

At the Millennial Performance Institute™ we help companies attract, engage, and retain high-caliber professionals of all generations, who will be the future of your organization. We infuse your company’s values, brand, and industry with our core competencies to create a customized plan to get the results you want.  As part of your strategic plan, we can include consulting, coaching, training, and workshops.

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Attract- Are you having trouble finding professionals and executives who are the right fit for your organization?

Engage- Do you want to improve the productivity levels of your employees, effectively increasing your bottom line?

Retain- Is your company losing money by not retaining top talent in all generations?


Core Competencies


  • Leadership Development


  • Multi-Generational Communication


  • Employee Engagement


  • Decision Making


  • Conflict Resolution

Raising the performance level of employees is vital to an organization’s growth and development. This results in:


  • Higher productivity levels


  • Less employee turnover


  • Increased employee satisfaction


  • More effective communication

Our services provide a comprehensive approach to achieve your company’s goals.  Private and team coaching encourage results-based action, communication, and relationship building. The Millennial Performance Institute’s workshops promote collaboration, engagement, and critical thinking skills.




  • Strategic Consulting & Planning


  • Private & Team Coaching


  • Workshops


  • Training


  • People Assessments


  • Employee Surveys


  • Meeting Facilitation


  • Seminars


  • Keynotes